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Christine Ama is a freelance fashion, arts and culture writer. She has contributed numerous articles to ADONE Magazine and SheDoesTheCity.com and worked for several years as a product copywriter for the Hudson's Bay Company. With a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and an intensive Fashion Merchandising program under her belt, Ama is passionate about marrying her love for creative culture with the written word. In the past, she pursued music as a self-produced electro pop singer/songwriter called Christer (rhymes with "shyster" ;) releasing a full-length album, two music videos and touring internationally. After visiting over five countries in Europe, Ama temporarily relocated to Berlin, Germany where she worked and wrote for over a year. She currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crafting Luxury

The Toronto Design Exchange offers the everyday fashion fanatic a glimpse into an otherwise untouchable world. The Festival Des Métiers allows guests to meet and greet with the talented artisans behind Hermès, one of France’s leading manufacturers in luxury goods and of course, the makers of the iconic and outrageously expensive Birkin. Upon witnessing the superior levels of talent, fine materials and countless hours such products require, the value no longer seems so obscene. The worth of the worker becomes priceless.